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Scalp-Care is the Self-Care trend of 2024

You've heard about it in one way or another - scalp facials/treatments & headspas are increasing in popularity and for good reason!

The mix of cleansing, conditioning, detoxifying, massage, and more is truly magical and leaves you feeling refreshed in a way you didn't know you needed. There are also lasting benefits!

Massage has been clinically proven to strengthen hair follicles by stimulating blood flow to the area. Ensuring you get a deep cleanse with an antibacterial shampoo also helps create the optimal environment for hair growth by allowing hair to exit the follicle as easily as possible. Regular sessions with a specialist can provide relief from dry, itchy scalps as well as enhance hair growth and improve the health of existing hair.

At-home maintenance is also important for best results and can be done very simply. Dry brushing the scalp and massaging yourself at home will help stimulate blood flow to the bulb of the hair and help it to create strong, healthy hair. Make sure to massage of thoroughly rinse of shampoo in the shower and remember that conditioner only needs to be applied to the last few inches of the hair. Not to the scalp! Some people also enjoy taking supplements, like pre-natal vitamins to help with hair growth. Reducing or cutting out heat styling is also greatly helpful.

At A Golden State Beauty I offer at 60 or 90 minute option for Scalp Health.

Below is a description of the service. If you'd like to reserve a time, you can do so HERE.

  • This service begins with a thorough dry brushing of the scalp, encouraging blood flow, an important factor in healthy hair growth. Dry brushing increases shine and volume while removing dead skin, dandruff and build up on the scalp and hair..

  • Shampoo Massage: A therapeutic head and neck massage that assists in stimulating the scalp, cleansing and relaxing the mind and body.

  • Tea Tree Special Detox Foaming Salt Scrub: Clinically proven to exfoliate and remove dry skin and buildup after one use. This is the ultimate in scalp renewal. Applied to the scalp thoroughly followed by continued head and neck massage.

  • Wild Ginger Awapuhi KeraTriplex Treatment with Hot Towel Therapy: KeraTriplex keratin protein technology rebuilds and repairs to transform lackluster hair, while sustainably harvested  awapuhi extract from Paul Mitchell’s farm in Hawaii replenishes every strand with intense moisture and shine. Continued head and neck massage. 

  • Face Massage: Furthering the ultimate relaxation with a personalized face massage.

  • Reiki & Crystal Healing: A chakra balancing for the mind, body and soul. Reiki is energy work that relieves stress, decreases anxiety and assists your transition to a deeply relaxed state - calling in more clarity, peace, understanding, etc.

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