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Reiki Infused Scalp Treatments...what does that mean?

Updated: Mar 11

I am so proud to offer Scalp & Soul services on the menu at A Golden State Beauty. Clients that are attracted to this service find me for a multitude of reasons. Many just want to relax. Some are dealing scalp conditions, (primarily overproduction of oil or dryness) and looking for assistance. Others are interested in energy healing and like that there's a familiar salon aspect involved. Some come for a mixture of all those reasons and more.

I chose to bring Scalp & Soul on because I wanted to change up the experience clients receive in salon settings quite often. There was a time that a big, loud and busy salon meant success and a popular stylist. Today, clients are looking for and deserve to receive more. Salon appointments are an investment in one's looks and sense of self and should be treated as such. Scalp & soils takes care of that.

Scalp & soul treatments are a perfect complement to your usual haircut and/or deep conditioning treatments. They are also an incredible act of self-care providing deep relaxation, a detoxified and moisturized scalp, and if you choose, a beautiful blowout to finish it off!

The graphics below explain the treatments a bit more in-depth than my service menu will allow. I hope you find them helpful and check out my Instagram to see videos of the service itself @AGoldenStateBeauty

I hope to take care of you soon!

To reserve an appointment, click HERE.

Service Highlights:

  • Thorough Dry Brushing for a gentle exfoliation and stimulation to begin the service.

  • Luxurious Shampoo and Conditioning Massage.

  • Tea Tree Detoxifying Scalp Scrub: Cleanse and purify your scalp for a refreshing sensation of renewal.

  • Deep Conditioning Mask (90-minute treatments only): Treat your hair to intense hydration and repair.

  • Facial Massage: Drift away into serenity as tension melts from your face with massage, aromatherapy, crystal healing, a cold face mask, and hot towels. **Add a 10-minute hand massage for an extra bit of relaxation.

Every step of this journey is infused with the healing energy of Reiki, ensuring the deepest rejuvenation possible for your mind, body, and spirit.

Your Scalp & Soul treatment is closed with dim lighting, a complimentary beverage and either a leave-in conditioner and braid or add-on blowdry for $30 (all add-on options can be found at the bottom of the service menu.)

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