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Experiences clients have shared with me after a Reiki session

After a Reiki session you are not expected to act any one particular way. Every one processes their experiences differently and I am simply here to help them along that journey, not influence it. You are not expected to share anything, but you are welcome to if you feel called.

At the beginning of a session I will let new clients know what to expect in terms of aromas I may use, sound therapies, and the light touch involved with Reiki to ensure they're comfortable with each element. Every session is absolutely customized to the guest's preferences. After that, we begin and I intuitively look for any areas with energetic blockages, wounds, etc.

If a message came thru for the guest or I have an unshakeable feeling about what I just found in their energy, I will ask if they are ok with me sharing. One example I can give is I had a guest that was trying Reiki to help her with the grief of losing a close loved one. As I connected and asked for messages I saw a plastic princess crown. The kind a 5 year old would be running around the house playing dress up in. When I told her, she said her loved one wore one of those crowns on her last birthday celebration. It was as if she was saying, "Hey, I'm still partying! Don't worry about me."

I don't consider myself a medium but I do think messages can come across however they need to if we are open to them.

Quite often I see guests whom are trying to calm their anxiety or depression and I just love helping them. Partly because I can be quite anxious myself and Reiki has been such a gift, I based my whole business around it!

One guest recently worded it so perfectly. She said, "I think a lot. I think really hard and fast and honestly wear myself out. But right now, I'm so comfortable with my own thoughts and they are flowing in, and then flowing out. I'm not attached to them or worried about them."

In my many years of providing a variety of personal services, this was the most beautiful review I'd ever heard and she hadn't even gotten up from the chair yet.

I've had the pleasure of assisting a few pregnant clients and always look forward to whether they will share or not. I've heard everything from "Wow, he was so calm that entire time" to things like, "When you touched my feet the baby starting rolling around all over the place and stopped as soon as you took your hands off!" Reiki is a beautiful way to have some connection time with an unborn baby in preparation for meeting them earth side.

The effects of Reiki don't stop right after a session so I encourage guests to not have expectations but stay open to this new energy and how it allows more positivity, abundance and security to take up space in their life. Just like a battery needs a recharge once in a while, so does our energetic field. Reiki is a great compliment to other healing modalities and I feel it helps them be more effective than they would be without it.

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