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A Golden State Beauty

Dimensional Hair Color


My Color Style

As a colorist, my strengths lay in giving clients low-maintenance, blended and lived-in hair color. I am a pro at enhancing your hair's natural beauty and therefore, your over-all look! If you're not sure what's possible for your hair color, please stop by the New Client page and fill out the contact form so we can start crafting a plan together!

If you feel confident about what service you want, go ahead and reserve it!


When I see your reservation I will send a pre-appointment form to fill out to make sure we are both on the same page and can use our time together in the studio most effectively!

Results that last...

For lived-in looks like the ones shown on this page, we typically have a big first appointment to place depth and dimension where we want it, correct anything we don't and setting up your hair canvas for versatility going forward. After that, I may see you as often as every 5-6 weeks for a gloss or every 6 months for another revamp. The choice is yours depending on your desired look, schedule and budget.

To view more photos of my work, visit the gallery HERE.

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