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Reiki Infused Scalp Treatments

with your local Scalp and Soul Specialist

My Reiki Infused Scalp Treatments are truly one of a kind. Every session begins with a scalp analysis and quick chat about what you hope to achieve during your session.

Guests come to me for this service for many different reasons. Some just want a good head massage and to leave with a healthier scalp and hair than they walked in with. Others may be coming because they enjoy receiving reiki or are curious about it.

Many choose this service because of the unique combination of elements. which provide deep relaxation and energy healing along with beautifully conditioned hair and a detoxified scalp. 

After the initial greeting, you'll receive a thorough dry brushing of your scalp before moving to the massage table/shampoo bowl for the duration of your treatment. 

Once you're all tucked in and cozy on the massage bed...

During this time you will receive a shampoo & conditioning, detoxifying scalp scrub and head, face & neck massage. Hot towels, aromatherapy, and soothing sounds such as fire cracking with rain also compliment this beautiful service. It is truly an ASMR fanatic's dream!


Energy healing is a sure way to refill your cup and get inspired again.

Reiki is the finishing touch providing a heavy dose of energy healing helping you to feel like your best self once again. If you've been feeling low-energy, uninspired, or just not like yourself, this service will reignite your inner vitality and restore your inner balance!

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