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Nutrition and Energy (Healing) - Sharing a bit of my personal journey

My healing journey has been been equally comprised of taking care of my mind, body and soul thru things like exercise, nutrition and reiki. Each component is crucial for their own reasons and none of them can be skipped for long without me falling out of balance somehow.

Unrelenting mental and physical symptoms were the reasons for my initial launch into learning about how to take better care if myself in 2015. I was feeling things like brain fog, mood swings, constipation, bone pain, intense fatigue, etc. at 25 years old.

Shortly after I started seeing a nutritionist I learned thru testing that I had high sensitivities to both gluten and eggs. Both were a regular part of my diet and removing them felt quite dramatic at the time. I realized just how much gluten I consumed regularly and why that overconsumption was causing my body to work on overdrive. It took quite a while to get used to my new eating plan but after only a couple of months my skin improved along with my mood, energy levels and digestion.

The work I'd been putting into exercising actually started to show physically because I removed the inflammation causing foods from my diet and replaced them with things that my body could metabolize and use for my own good.

After working on this part of my healing for a few years I felt confident about getting pregnant for the first time and enjoying the healthiest possible pregnancy. The universe had other plans however and my pregnancy experience was deeply affected by Hypermesis Gravidarum in the first trimester. I was able to find a regimen that got me stronger by my second trimester and had an ok pregnancy experience from there. At the time of my daughter's birth we unfortunately experienced neglectful care in the delivery room that resulted in very scary injuries for my daughter and a lot of trauma on my body and mind. Once again, I leaned on food to help me heal but a year after her birth it was clear that although my mind understood what had happened, my body was still very much struggling to understand.

Randomly, I remembered a woman that had given me a complementary Reiki session in 2016. At the time I had no idea what it was but definitely felt a change in my energy. I didn't think about it much until I found myself needing that change again.

In 2020 I had my first Reiki attunement (this is where one becomes attuned to the energy of Reiki at level 1) and the activation I felt was tangible. It felt like my body “leveled up” and making choices that were best for me became easier. Using my voice to make those things happen also became easier. Reiki helps build self love like nothing else and from there your decisions, relationships and opportunities will start to shift. I continued practicing Reiki 1 until finally attending a Reiki 2 class in November 2023. Most recently I become a Reiki Master in April 2024 and am so thrilled to be on this journey of learning and healing with my clients. I want them to know I am not perfect and I definitely don't expect any one else to be. I am simply here to hold space for whatever you are trying to release, manifest, learn, etc.

While I'm lightyears ahead from when I started in 2015, all of my self-care and healing habits are a continuous work in progress because it truly is, the kind of work that never ends. After the initial shock of making changes that are for our best good, and sticking to them, they become the tools we reach for when life inevitably shakes things up again. A strong sense of self and connection with the tools that keep you feeling your best is the most wonderful gift any one can give themselves in my opinion. I hope to continue sharing this journey while helping other women find the tools that work best for their own healing.

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