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Keratin Treatments at A Golden State Beauty

Many individuals seek to maintain and enhance their hair's health and styling ease, while safeguarding their investment in hair coloring and blonding services.Keratin Treatments are a perfect option for anyone with chemically processed or over-processed hair, frizz, breakage, long blow dry times, etc.

At A Golden State Beauty, the keratin treatment we are proud to offer is created by Keratin Complex and is called NKSTB: Natural Keratin Strengthening Treatment for Blondes.

But it's not just for Blondes! It just has the capability of healing even some of the most over-processed blondes you could think of. I've personally seen this treatment heal hair that would matte when it was wet because it had gone through a perm, lightened with bleach, and then gone over with permanent color.

Benefits of NKSTB include:

  • Keratin Complex Keratin for stronger, healthier hair

  • Frizz protection (even in humidity)

  • Soft, natural tint formula that will not compromise even the brightest blondes

  • Dramatically reduces blow dry time (leading to less heat on your hair overall!)

  • Enhances color vibrancy and shine

  • Cumulative results

  • Results last up to 5 months

Click Reserve Here at the top of this page to book your Keratin Treatment and start your journey toward healthier hair now!

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